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Pubg Mobile New Update Research Pubg Mobile Update is the most successful survival shooting game on these days as It doesn’t take much time to assure its place in everyone’s mind. Everyone's life is full of rush and work load So , in order to release their tension or stress , they play games in their free time and PUBG Mobile New Updated  is incredibly done its work of having everyone's attention like Most of the people’s now managing their time , sacrificing their work to play it. This game is really like an addiction as it have very much to create interest. It have wonderful 3D graphics and stunning animation which help it to make people’s feel like real.

Pubg Mobile New Updates

Whats New in Pubg Mobile New Updates

PUBG Mobile Lite  stands for player unknowns battle ground. This is totally defined by its name like It have very simple concept. Players are supposed to be land on the exotic places like desert , hilly areas & etc where they can land with empty hands and they have to collect weapons to kill enemies in order to live till the end. Of course , It have many different modes of play and different types of maps available for the consistency to create interest in people’s. The game contains two zone in which one is safe zone and the second one is blue zone.

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New Achievements

  • Victory Legion: Complete 1/5/10/20 matches with Dominating in Team Deathmatch
  • Alpha & Omega: Get the first kill and final blow in a Team Deathmatch
  • T-800: Achieve Terminator 1 time in Team Deathmatch
  • Envoy of War: Complete a series of missions in Team Deathmatch.


You can achieve them by your efforts but It will really hard to get Royal points as because with the time if you will get it by completing missions , the season will change which will stuck all your royal point. If you don’t want to vanish your effort results , If you want get these features for free. I have a gift for you , PUBG mobile mod apk which is totally free and easy to use in which you can play a solo , duo as well as in a squad too.

Different changes

  • Arcade mode opening occasions have been balanced. Mondays and Wednesdays: Sniper Training and War; Tuesdays and Thursdays: Mini-Zone and Quick Match; Fridays to Sundays: All Arcade modes are accessible. All occasions are in UTC
  • Defensive things are presently 25% progressively tough. Their viability stays unaltered
  • Players would now be able to jolt/reload a jolt activity rifle while moving as opposed to finishing the procedure while pointing down sights
  • Improved the activity in FPP when running while at the same time holding a SMG.
  • Vehicles presently have improved input on blasts
  • Occasion Center presently has improved connections and better instructional exercises for the occasion missions
  • Group Challenge Qualifying Round has been extended. Presently 6 qualifying matches will be held each day, up from 5. Every squad can take an interest up to 3 matches for each day, up from 2. Every squad is permitted to take an interest a sum of 18 qualifying matches, up from 12. Furthermore, new things have been added to the Crew Shop
  • Players who have enlisted for Crew Challenge will presently get a notice 10 minutes before a match begins
  • Players would now be able to gather all prizes from every day missions, advance missions and accomplishments at the same time
  • Included 3 new Clan Insignias for Lv. 7, Lv. 9, and Lv. 10
  • Added an inertness marker to the principle screen. Green, yellow, and red speaks to a decent, normal, or awful association.


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Points be Noted in Pubg Mobile New Updates

  • PUBG mobile  aimbot gives you unlimited money for in-app purchases which means you can purchase any outfit and appearance that will help to create your interest in the game.
  • PUBG unlimited ammo is the advanced version of PUBG mobile as contains the facility of non recoiling or non reloading of bullets .
  • PUBG mobile hack version will guide you about the enemy beside the walls , stones & etc and It will help you while whole of the game which will make help to win the game.
  • PUBG mobile of PUBG mobile game in which everything is unlimited and everything is free.

Guideline For Pubg Mobile Updates

  1. Uninstall the basic version of the game without deleting the file of the game and down the PUBG mobile hack apk latest version 2019 from he given link.
  2. Install it by giving allowance to the device for the installation of unknown sources.
  3. Extract the file to the internal storage < Android < OBB
  4. Open it and Login with your Facebook account

Some New Thing Are added to Pubg Mobile

Every player is supposed to be in safe zone which will be shrinked with time because the gameplay outside the safe zone will not be safe as Blue zone will take all his energy and he will be died. This is the game of survival so who will survive till the end will be the winner of the game. There are some in-app purchases for that you have to pay real money from your account as that purchases will help you for the gameplay and You have to pay for some outfits which will create some interest in you and you get information about Pubg Mobile game check home page of Tech Prey .

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